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Clinic New Life Esthetic & Beauty Centre finds solutions for women & men for their beauty & esthetic problems in Karsıyaka Izmir since 1998. Botox, filling, weight loosing, permanent make-up, epilation, skin care and treatments, mezzotherapy, hair implanting, PRP ( root cell )  and all esthetic surgeries are done by our specialist doctors in our clinic.


This page doesn't give any health service and also it is prepared to give knowledge to people who are interested in esthetic plastic surgery without having any commercial anxiety. Diagnosis and medical treatment ought to be done by doctor. All the knowledges in the page shouldn't be used for the patients' diagnosis and medical treatment. All responsibilitıes belong to patients and users of our pages which appears for using this page for this intent. This warnings are supposed to be accepted by the visiters of our pages. Medical knowledge, diagnosis and medical treatment materials which are used changes and developes fastly. Any knowledge, method or material can be out of order in very short period. And also clinical medicine may contain so many different technic, knowledge and different ways to aim to get same result. Doctor's personel experiences and abilities are spesific factors for diagnosis and medical treatment. There might be a diferent views about same subject matter. Because of the knowledge on this page can not be updated every day so the best thing to do will be consulting about this knowledge to your doctor and checking together. According to law on this page, there will not be any pictures of our patients which are taken before and after esthetic sugeries.

All rights of our pages concealed.

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