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   PRP (Root Cell Teatment)


PRP namely Platelet Rich Plazma  ( Platelet / Plazma That Has Been Got Enrichment By Trombocide )  method has ben developed first of all 15 years ago for finding a solution of preventing hanging titanium implants in a short period ( because of weak gum ) which have been placed to the elderlies by stomatolojists ( tooth surgeons ) . So for that reason such a material must be produced that whwn it is placed to the gum the soft area should be strengthened and it should hold the implant too. This strengthening material must be accepted by the body and also it must not be thrown out of the body asswell. They got the blood coagulated after the blood has been got centrifugal and they obtained it to be transformed to the strong jello. The blood that has been got centrifugal has been used firstly in Japan many years ago then in Spain and USA .

PRP is a medical treatment. It should be done by just doctors. After the patient has been examined the doctor applies a centrifugal proceeding by getting a small amount of blood in a small tube which contains a special jello in it. At the end of this proceeding the blood in the tube seperates in its components. Namely the part of the blood that is constituted by the red cells seperated which contains approximately 200.000 trombocides in every mililiter. As a result of this we get a jello that contains a 1,5 million trombocides in every mililiter of it. So this is called PRP. Trombocides have got a functions about the blood coagulating. But at the same time they secrete the expanding factors which has characteristic of obtaining the recovering tissue damage aswell. Consequently the PRP that has been obtained by the coagulated blood namely the part that contains the more trombocide is applied to the face, throat, hair etc... or any part you wanted either with mezzotherapy technic or as a mask. By doing that natural expanding factors have been giving to the requested area which send back the tissue damages and the ageing effects.

Actually there are two different blood types which are obtained with the suggested technic. One is PRP and the other one is the trombin serum. These are obtained with two different tubes. There is a stuff in PRP tube which prevents the blood coagulating. But in the other tube oppositely contains the trombin that obtains the blood coagulating and makes this trombocides get used as a filling material. When this two have been used together the skin's renewing effects appear in a stronger way.

Namely the filling material is done by your own blood and this stuff is applied to the basic curls and the slim lines on the face.

The filling material that contains hyaluronic acid lasts up to 6-8 months. Filled PRP is produced by your own blood and also it gets alerted the biological process that starts the count down which is against the skin ageing in the filled area !  Namely it does not just fills the area it also sends the support to the weak defenced area which is defeated at the war against the exhausting effects of the time or the environment.


PRP isn't a root cell treatment. But it works indirectly on the root cells. The growing factors inside trombocides are stimulants which send the fibroblast production message into the skin cells. Fibroblasts are the key quality structures to produce collagen and elastin. Consequently the Regenkit PRP works with the root cell indirectly by increasing the number of trombocide starting all this process. Because at the end of the filling practice the fibrin webs constitute in the skin gather all the root cells in the atmosphere in its own structure too. Moreover nowadays during the fat injection surgeries the plastic surgeons start the fat injection practice by mixing the PRP obtaining from the patient's blood into the fat obtaining from the patient. This method increases the holding possibility of the fat that's given. And also during the stomach lifting, face lifting, breast holding and making breast to get smaller surgeries, doing the PRP practicing to the operation area and the insition line decreases the bleeding, bad wound recovery and smiller problems.


If the right stuff  ( Regenkit )  is used then there aren't any risk or side effects at all. Because of the Regenkit is a stuff that contains a single usage injection and a tube for every session. And this stuff is an extremely safe too. And there can not be any side effects aswell. Because what is taken from you is again given back to you but only to you abundantly.


Your skin looks more alive and brighter. Sun and the aging stains mellow where we come across especially around the face, under eye bagging and purple colour changes get better. The small lines mellow. People may ask saying  ' You look much younger. Have you had an aestheticoperation done ? '  However PRP that is an extremely natural technic gives you back the what is already taken just from you more strongly. And this is your skin's defence mechanism aswell. And one other good side of PRP is that the PRP's effects can be seen around the area where it is applied too. For instance when you get this method done to your face your hair come to life aswell.


PRP practising that is applied with mezzotherapy is done in between 3-4 sessions in every 15 days. After 8-10 months the health cure is done which lasts up to 3-4 sessions. There is another protocol where mezzotherapy and the filling are practised together aswell. And in this protocol the PRP is applied only 3 sessions in between 21-28 days periodic. After 6 months the doctor controls his/her patient. If the patient in her menopause period or if they have a bad habbits such as cigarette or an alcohol then the doctor may need another 1 health cure too. If the person looks after himself/herself, if they care about their health and if they protect themselves from the UV rays then they wait 1 or 2 years for second health cure.

Actually it is not just for PRP generally people are quite interested in an aesthetic operations with a lancet or without a lancet in Korea and China. Because it is a big matter for the women in these countries 'cause they have an obsession about looking younger and staying younger. And also in Japan, Korea and Philippine women are quite interested in this kind of practisings too.

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