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   Face Lifting With String Whithout Surgery


Face lifting technic without surgery is known as Ultra V Lift aswell, and this technic creates much more naturel looking results, and it is called stretch technic which is done by using plain or bony surgery strings. And also this technic is known as Frame Lifting, Silhouette Lifting, Russian String, Anti-ptos String Lifting, Spider's Web Aesthetics.

But besides; face hanging without surgery technic is done by using thicker and bony surgery strings, and this strings are settled to dangled areas and get hanged.

The Effects Are Spider's Web Aesthetics

The spider's web aesthetics shows safer and quicker results. This technic is quite effective especially for the image of the dangled cheek and chin. For this technic; anti-allergic PDO surgery strings are used to get back deformed areas which lost its elasticity into their old position. Owing to this operation it is gone under the skin with minimal level and according to open surgeries which need quite dense preparation and last long with this technic we get safer results with a reasonable prices and this results last an about up yo 2 years. And also patient can go back to their daily activities in a very short period after the treatment.

Face lifting technic with string ( spider's web aesthetics ) is being interested highly by press nowadays. We recommend for this operations to be done by efficient doctors because there are too many people out there who applies this technic because of its increasing popularity.Spider's web aesthetics face lifting technic with string has very short recover process because of that some doctors call this procedure as a midday lifting or a weekend lifting because this procedure can be completed in very short time just like 30 minutes.

For Whom Is V Lift Face Lifting Ideal ? 

V lift face lifting procedure is ideal for people who do not have very dense dangled areas and settled deep lines. Spider's web aesthetics face lifting technic with a string can be done for patients both women and men between age of 35 and 60 who would like to look younger and dynamics but at the same time who do not have any elasticity loss on their face so because of that who do not need a serious and open face lifting operations.

For Whom Is Uni Cog Face Hanging Suitable ?

Hanging operations with surgery strings called uni cog needle gives much better results for the patients who are older or who have more elasticity loos and who have an extremely deep wrinkles.

We can say that this technic is perfectly well choice for people who are in dense work tempo and avoid serious and quite long recovery processed open surgeries and also who want to have a naturel look like they have not had any operations rather than having a look like masked and want much more energetic and a younger appearance.

- It is more suitable for people who have a thin exterior skin layer or who have a very little amount of fat tissue on their face.

- It can be applied for people who have a skin with a very thin, very sensitive and very loose tissue.

- It can be reccomended for patients who want a high degreed and very dramatic results.

- It is suitable for people who have a highly degreed elasticity loosed and dangled skin and very deep settled lines and wrinkles.

How To Do Spider's Web Aesthetics ?

It can be done with gettin settled notched poliproplen or intradermal strings right under the upper skin layer with tunnel technic. Very tiny entrance is constituted with a thin tipped needles on the skin and the strings are settled with a light zigzag moves. Owing to this it is obtained to the texture more strongly. Face lifting technic with string is constituted by using local anaesthesia and after the procedure there is no need for treatment by lieing down or recovery process.

Is Spider's Web Aesthetics Safe ?

Yes it is quite safe but if only it is constituted by a specialist and experenced doctors on this subject. We do not confront with a problems apart from a little bruises after the spider's web V lift face lifting process. Strings that have been used, called poliproplen and it is proved that suitable for health and surgery strings called PDO. At the same time this strings are used as a surgery strings at surgical for brain, heart and abdomenal operations for many years. This procedure is done with local anaesthesia and does not need for general anaesthesia because of that it does not have any risk which we come across at general anaesthesia.

Recovery Process And Getting Back To Normal Life

Most of the patients can get back to their normal activities right after the operations. Before this process patients should avoid to open their mouth quite widely and doing exaggerated mimic movements. And also we reccomend you to avoid to scrub your face and lieing on to your face up until 3 weeks after the procedure. Your face should not be pressed too much.

At the end of 3 weeks you can start to move your procedured part of your face normaly. Right after the procedure in a few days you may have some swelling, blushing and bruising so this is natural and to reduce those things an ice compress applying is reccomended. Patient's disturbing feeling on their face is at the minimum level according to other surgical operetions but they may have a slightly itching feeling in a couple of days after the operation as we might come across after every under skin operations. Painkillers like acetaminophen can be used incase of having any pain. But we reccomend that to avoid getting bruises ibuprofenin should not be prefered.

First day after the procedure it helps to reduce swelling to hold your head up and keeping it high. The results can be partially noticed right after the procedure but we can see the completed real results a few weeks after the procedure. Strings inside skin texture helps to constitude lift which continue effectting permanent for the first 6 months and making it stronger by surrounding it by getting into skin's natural collagen form.

Advantages Of Face Lifting Technic With Spider's Web

Face lifting technic with string without surgery has too many advantages according to the traditional face lifting operation. First of all it is applied in a short period, patient recovers fast and the its' price is reasonable.

It gives opportunity for both men and women to have tighter and younger looking skin by fast and easy way.

This procedure is done with local anaesthesia and does not need for general anaesthesia. Owing to that you can see all the procedure with your conscious is open, you can talk to your doctor who does your operation and you can tell about your complaints to your doctor aswell during the operation.

Ofcourse we do not reccomend for people to watch what is being through who can not stand on that kind of operations. But at the same time this type of operations are quite ideal for the people who do not like dense surgical operations aswell.

And also like we come across after open surgical operations such as an extremely dense scare marks that stay for weeks, many swellings and bruises instead of all we just have a tiny marks which have hidden inside hair root of needles and those marks heal in a very short period.

Questions Asked Often

Do the spider's web face lifting technic with string and face hanging treatments have a pain and ache ?

This operation is done with local anaesthesia owing to that there ara no pain or ache during the operation.s

Are the spider's web face lifting technic with string and face hanging permanent ?

It depends on the factors such as procedure's effect on your face, age, methot which is used, area that has been applied and degree of elasticity loss. Your skin will get older in the course of time and ageing effects change different according to people. For many patients operations effects last in between 2 and 4 years. Many different addtion methods can be used for longer lasting effects of treatment and to delay ageing effects.

Is the spider's web aesthetics risky treatment ?

The possibility of coming across with a risk or complication is nearly a zero but it is not an impossible at all like every operation and before we decide to get this operation done we should be checked definetely. The possibility of coming across with any risk or complication depends on doctos's experience, ability and expertness.

Does the spider's web aesthetics have side effects ?

The side effects can be infection, swelling, sensitivity or numbness, asymmetric result or less clear result than expected. Complications or side effects are only a short periodical results and they will disappear in a very short time after the operations if your treatment is done by a specialist doctor.

I regret to get face lifting with spider's web technic done so what can l do ?

Face hanging technic with string is a totally convertible technic. And if it is needful it can be taken off easly up untill a month after the operation.

Are the information and the tests paid ?

No, you can arrange an appointment and consult our specialists at any time and you can ask for their opinions and get a price lists about average spider's web aesthetics. You can contact us with an e-mail, telephone or by visiting our clinic and get an information about the things that run in your head.

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