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Botox Aplications and Botox Esthetics

What Is Botox?

Bacterium called Clostridium Botilinum which especially increases in preserved food and causes to get food poisoned and this bacterium raises Botox Botilinum Toxin.

Botox effects by stopping the transmıssıon temporarly whıch goes from nerves to muscles. By then the muscle that has been ınjected gets numbed and stops moving and ın the and all the creases at this area get disappeared.

Since the early 90 ies botox has found it's common usage place in the world to remove the creases on the face.This method has given very succesfull results especially for removing the creases on the forehead and the creases around the eyes. Because of the difficulties of improving the face lifting surgeries around this area so the importance of Botox remains over for the esthetic surgery more and more. For the people who have been through face lifting surgery they also need botox treatment besides for better results. Botox is an advantage for people because it has a lifting effect for holding up the corner of eyebrow and also it solves the problems of people who have a problem with a drooping eyebrow.

For applying botox to aim to remove the creases means to get an injection with a tiny needle on the spesific part of the face. This procedure finishes an about 5 minutes and it feels like having a very little pain with a thin needle applying which can be tolerated so easily. The effect of applying appears in between 2 and 3 days and continues about 4 to 6 months. At the first applying effects of botox stays about 4 months and then after a few applying it extends about up to 8 months. During the applying any swollen or blushing part on the face do not take shape at all and the person can go back to the normal life.

Botox injections are quite effective for improving all the wrinkles especially around the upper face which includes forehead lines, eyebrow wrinkles lines and lines around the eyes. And also when this technic is applied especially for upper face it has a good effects to help holding eyebrows aswell. When it is done for lower face it can be applied for the lines on top of the lips and vertically bands on the neck. But this technic can not be giving same successufull results for lower face rather than upper face so the applying stays restricted. Botox is being used for the teatment of an extremelly sweating. lt has been proved by coincidence that botox has a good results for patients who are suffering from headache and migraine aswell.

Botox treatment is not a long lasting technic and needs to be repeated but at the same time it is an easy and cheap treatment without necessity of any medical surgery. Because of those reasons botox is mostly prefered and applied technic also at nowadays esthetic surgeries by too many people. Botox has been done for many people around the world and it did not get any serious complication at all. If it takes shape as a result of wrong complication because of the wrong treatment it can bee healed back in a few months so this technic should not be taken so seriously at all. And also it is an important matter for not to have this wrong complications and to get a better results this technic ought to be applied by an experienced doctors.

Is It Effective For An Extremely Sweating ?

An extremely sweating problem sometimes can be a disturbing for people when we look from the social side. People who are exposed to an extremely sweating can be feeling under stress psychological. People who have an exrtemely sweating problems may have to take a medicine to control their problems. People who have an extremely sectional sweating problems as if under arms and hallow of the hands can be treated successufully with botox. Botox can prevent sweating by getting injected under the skin sectional by preventing the sinew tips which warn the sweat tissues. Because of the medicine is injected inside the skin directly so it is not in question that the muscles to get effected which is in deep down. Botox shows its effects in 3 to 7 days completely and it lasts in between 3 to 12 months.

For Which Part Of Body Treatment Can Botox Be Used For ?

Botox generally can be used for upper part of the face's treatment. It is mostly used on the forehead wrikles, wrikles between the eyebrows and wrinkles around the eyes. Wrinkles around the mouth can be treated with laser, dermabrasion, peeling or feeling materials.

How Can Botox Be Applied ?

Botox aplication is easy and safe. It is injected to the requested area with a very thin needles. The pain is very little because of the thin needles are used and very tiny amount of medicine is given. There is no need for anaesthesia because the patient does not feel discomfort after the injection.

How Long Does The Effect Last After The Botox Treatment ?

Botox shows its effects in 3 to 7 days completely. Botox's effect is not permanent and it losts its effect after 6 months. And also it has no side effect.

Ps : Botox is also used for migraine treatment aswell. And it losts its effect after 6 months...


- Neck wrinkles

- Forehead and lines around it

- Between two eyebrows

- Eyebrow asymmetry

- Wrinkles around eyes

- Hand, foot and under arms sweating


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