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   Neck Lifting Surgery


Gravitation is one of the most important reasons of hanging loosely that we have on our face and growing old. And also in time our skin becomes loose depending on quite fast putting on weight or very fast loosing weight or depending on genetics factors. This slackness especially ens up by lines ( around forehead and middle face ) changing it's places down below. And also skin loosen (around below face and neck) is one of the important reasons for the cause of damaging face shape aswell. We generally call this situation as a " degenerating of the face oval " ...  The angle ( in between under chin and neck ) gets flat, in this way when we look at the person especially from the profile the person looks older as a result of this situation. And there could be a fat accumulations under the chin which we call "gıdı"...


During the classical face lifting operation, the operation cuts get prolonged from behind the ear untill the skin with hair. It is being fixed with the interior stitchs by seperating the neck skin and the muscles and stretching the up abowe. And the excessive skin is taken out by getting cut properly and then it is stitched back to its own places again. With this procedure the wrinkles and the hanging parts which take shape around the neck are straightened. The chin angle becomes more clear and we have a more stretched and a younger looking neck as a result of this operation. Neck lifting cuts generally stays behind the ear because of that when we look from the outside we can not see any print mark at all. The fat accumulations under the chin, slackness of the neck muscles and the dangling that is depending on these reasons when all this things above happens then we should get the "gıdı" area straightened aswell. During this procedures the fats either are taken out with the liposuction method with sucking them all or with the method by getting into 3 cm behind to the chin tip by cutting all the fats in that area and taking them out. In this way after the all fats taken out in this area because of this part of the body is being opened so the loose neck muscles can be stitched by gathering them in the middle aswell. And with this procedure the neck muscles earn back their firmness too. After the aesthetics surgery there are not any dangling part at teh body at all because of all the fats being taken out. As a result the neck and the chin can keep their look seperately.

The neck lifting surgery ought to be done in the operating theatre with a full rigging and the team and ıt must definetely be done under the general anaesthesia aswell. The neck lifting surgery generaly lusts for 3 hours. During the operation the drainage is being placed to the patient for preventing the blood accumulating under the neck skin. The drainage generaly stays at the patient for 1 day after the operation and then it is taken out a day after and the patient can be discharged. During the neck operations if there is any under chin entrance then bandage can be applied under the chin aswell. This bandage stays around a week.


After the neck lifting operations there could be a tightness feeling, pain, bruises, swelling and a numbness feeling on the skin surface around the neck. And this is a totaly normal situation. And the ache or a pain are not disturbing at all. This situation can be taken under control with the pain killers aswell. The people who have been through the operation can get recover in a 2 or 3 days after the operation and they can go for a fly trip too. And the swelling which is formed after the operation is being reduced fastly in 7 to 10 days and the rest of the swelling part ( which is not being obvious at all ) gets disappeared in 3 to 6 months and the skin sits on to the face properly. In the first weeks ( that swelling is being reduced quite fastly ) the tightness feeling on to the skin surface and the numbness feeling disappears by reducing itself.


1*)  1 to 2 days the time that has to be spent in hospital

2*)  2 to 3 days the time patient has to spent in slightly pressed bandage on their face

3*)  The swelling gets reduced fastly in  a couple of weeks, and the rest of the swelling part ( which is not being obvious at all ) gets         disappeared in 6 months and the skin sits on to the face properly.

4*)  In the first weeks ( that swelling is being reduced quite fastly ) the tightness feeling on to the skin surface and the numbness             feeling disappears by reducing itself.

5*)  The possible bruises can disappear ın a short period depending on the patient's skin type and the structure. And this process can       be prolonged for up to 15 days for the sensitive people.

6*)  The patient is required for not to smoke cigarette for 3 weeks after the operation.

7*)  The patient is required to stay away from the sun as much as possible or if they can not manage this then they are required to           use at least 30 factor sun cream. After the endoscopic subperiosteal midle face lifting surgery the patient go back to their social         life in 7 to 10 days. In first 3 weeks the swelling is solved. And finaly in between 3 to 6 months the patient gets into the                     reshapping and remodelling period.


In this operations the permanent numbness is not a common problem. The disappearing of the bruises depend on the patient's sensivity at all. This process can be prolonged up to 15 days for the sensitive structured patient sometimes. After the neck lifting aesthetics when the patient got rid of all the swelling and the bruises we can observe the obvious healing and smoothness around the neck area. Especially the look of the chin and the neck being together will disappear aswell.


BLEEDING :  Bleeding generaly is seen as a complication of after the surgery by using the aspirin. And the dranaige usage can be prevented with the pressed bandage use aswell.

INFECTION :  This is a quite rare occasion after the surgery. But this obstacle can be taken under control with the antibiotic usage.

BAD MARK :  Even if we expect a goog recovery right after the operation the people who smoke quite alot may have a bad mark possibility.

ASYMMETRIES :  A human faces generaly in a asymmetrıc structure. So you can notice this asymmetry with the surgery that tightness the tissues that you have not notice before.

DAMAGING THE DEEP TISSUES AND THE NERVE INJURIES :  The deep tissue damaging is quite rarerly permanent damages and those damages generaly disappear in a long time.

HAIR LOSS AND THE INJURY DECOMPOSING :  These complications are generaly depending on an extreme tightness.

TISSUE LOSS :  These complicationcan be seen quite rarerly on the patient who smokes an extremely a lot.


It is forbiden to smoke cigarette, using an aspirin and not taking an E vitamin 10 days before the surgery. The operation is done with the general anaesthesia or the local anaesthesia with the sound. The pain or ache is very little after the surgery. The specially prepared bandage is used for 4 to 5 days. The dranages are taken out after the surgery so the patient should stay at the hospital that night. It is possible to get back to work and a social life a week after the surgery.

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