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   Skin Care

1. Chemical Peeling
2. Normal Skin
3. Mixed Skin

1. Chemical Peeling

Our skin renews itself in every 28 - 30 days. The dead cells cause black head ( comedon ), pimple and acne ( damaged pimple ) by being pushed to the surface of the skin and constituting a thick dull layer on the skin. Because of that every skin needs a clinical skin care approximately once a month. With clinical skin care skin gets cleaned deeply by taking away all the dead cells and remainings (which constituted from an extreme fat secretion of the skin) from the skin. Skin's fat and moist proportions get balanced with the products which are suitable for the skin structure. Your skin reachs healty and clean looking with deeply cleaning and by using moisturizing, nourishing, greasy looking preventive spesific masks, sensitivity remover spesific masks and with serum combined spesific masks. Our skin looses its health with the reasons of UV rays, meka-up, free radicals, cigarette, stress, wrong feeding. We have to take pains of our skin's care and cleanliness for our skin to look beautifull and its health. The wrinkles and damages which constitute with the age can be prevented with the skin care. It is even suggested to get skin care done at least once a month for the people who do not have any problems with their skin even after their 20's aswell. And also skin care can be done for the pimple treatment, cell repair, getting moist proportions fixed and reducing the thin lines aswell.

Before we get our skin care done we have to very be carefull whether our skin is allergic, if it is dry or sensitive or too greasy. First of all our skin type should get analysed and then the practise should be done after words

2. Normal Skin

Transparent looking, covered pores, stainless and with no problems skin type.

3. Mixed Skin

Forehead, nose and chin greasy, Namely greasy looking is in a 'T' shape on the face. Black head, fat buttons and open pores can be at the greasy parts. Pores at the cheeks are closed.

Dry Skin

This skin type has got a thin layer of upper part of the skin and closed and small pores. Because of the fat secretion is under the normal so it looks dull and the spangles lift out of the skin. The skin is stretched but gets wrinkled easly.

Oily Skin

It looks shining and greasy and the pores are uncovered skin type. And inside the pores generally can be full, with black heads and the pimples.

Skin Care

1) The skin gets cleaned with the cleanliness milk with the neck.

2) Ozone steam is given with vapozone. Vapozone gives pure oxygen, it prepares skin for the care and it tightens the pores and obtains the oxygen that skin needs. This period should be 10 minutes for dry skins, 20 minutes for normal skins, 30 minutes for oily and skin with acne. Ozone steam has got a charasteristic that relaxes the skin. And this never gets done for the first and the nineth months of the pregnancy at all.

3) Black heads get cleaned with comedon press.

4) Peeling means to take out all the dead cells.

   a) Soft peeling can be done with the apparatus called 'primator'.

   b) Forment peeling.

   c) Biological scraping system.

5) Ionization with iontoferez and with this procedure all the stuff that skin needs gets under the skin with galvenic movement.

6) The mask is choosen according to skin type.

7) The massage gets done with cream about 10 to 15 minutes. If there are any left cream then it is taken off. The whole timing is 1        hour and 15 minutes. The make-up can not be done for 24 hours at all.

Classical Care

For a cleaner and a clear skin weekly normal skin care helps for skin to renew itself and for a younger looking skin. During this practise with the 'Pevonia' products according to what skin needs the PH value gets balanced which skin loses. At this practise tonics, milks, products that make tighten, lotions, cell gels, skin gels and peelings are applied.

Comedon ( Black Head ) Cleaning

At this practise first of all the skin gets cleaned with the cleaning milk and then skin gets purified from the greas and the dirt. The dead skin which needs to have peeling gets holded  ( gets peeled )  and then steam  application is done for the black head pores to get opened. According to customer's needs the black heads are cleaned by either getting squeezed or getting taken out with the vacuum. For pores to get tightened again PH value is obtained again with the tonic. With our moisturisings skin gains its freshness and its brightness back again. And finally a skin massage gets done for our skin to get relaxed.

Skins With Acne

AHA peeling procedure is done for this skin type. By peeling dead layer at the upper skin we can obtain for alive and problemless skin to be seen which is underneeth. And then to renew lapit protection coat of the skin Pevonia skin renewer ampoules are used.

Tired Skins

The dirts which daily life of ours brings to us, tirednesses and stress make our skin look older than it is and make us look unhappy. Because of that with our vitamin syndromed practises you will relaize that how lively your skin looks and you will leave our parlour with smiling on your face.

Eye Care

A little and a thin lines around the eyes sometimes can be disturbing and boring. With this method directly around the eyes are aimed and by using Pevonia eye creams and eye jellies we can get the enough amount of moist for around of our eyes with this proceeding. And also we obtain to prevent an elasticity loss.

Oily Skins

This type of skins mostly feel disturbing themselves aswell. The skin loses its elasticity so quickly and it can be caused for early ageing too. Because of those reasons with weekly skin care by using Pevonia lotions, jellies, creams, tonics and ampoules durıng the proceeding you will love your skin and care about it after the proceeding. This proceeding is the one that protects you from the greases and the dirts.

Dry Skin

This type of  skins may have cracks and stains  which dryness causes. The skin has no  protection and ready to collapse  because of the losing of its moist. By dealing with this problems with our care to make our skin gain its lost moisture we use the  'Pevonia' moisture ampoules care 'cause it is quite relaxing and it makes you happy aswell.

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