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Breast Enlargement Operation
Breasts play a very important role in the physical appearance of the woman. The small-breasted woman negatively affects her self-confidence, social and bilateral relations, and clothing. Breasts can be structurally small for various reasons. One may be smaller or asymmetric than the other. Nowadays, the only method to increase the chest volume is breast prostheses.

Avoid methods that can be dangerous, such as medication and breast augmentation. Though it is claimed that a medicine that can enlarge the chest is natural, it absolutely contains hormone. These hormone drugs not only disrupt hormone balance in the body, increase the risk of cancer.

Breast enlargement with oil injection is very spoken, but its application area is very limited. Chest fat injections can be made in small quantities and for contour correction purposes. Fat injections for breast augmentation can not provide the desired size, shape and symmetry, and complications that may occur can be annoying.

Considering the issues related to breast prosthesis, we can summarize the details in 4 main headings:

What a great chest,
The structure of the prosthesis to be used and its shape,
The way in which the prosthesis will be placed,
Where to place the prosthesis.
How big a chest you want to determine is good. Perhaps many details concern the plastic surgeon to perform the surgery, but the size of the chest should be determined by the patient himself. The proportions and size of the rib cage, chest, body lines are important to determine the size of the prosthesis. A small prosthesis may not look good on a large ribcage as it will not fit a large prosthesis into a small ribcage.

In patients who want to have a breast prosthesis operation, it is first tried to determine the prosthesis size to be placed. A variety of size-measuring molds resembling prosthetics are put into the braceless bra and put on a body that surrounds the rib cage. Thus, over the garment the size of your breast and your body rate is checked. A plan made in this way has prevented the subsequent discussions about the size of the chest.

There are many types in terms of the structure and shape of the prosthesis to be used. The outer surfaces are smooth or coarse. In the first years of prosthesis production, flat surfaces have been produced, and in the last 10 years prostheses with rough surfaces have begun to be used more. These prostheses are intended to reduce the likelihood of capsule formation. Prosthetics are filled with liquid silicone, solid silicone or saline. It is the liquid silicone that fits the natural softness of the chest. The most widely used are liquid silicones with a rough outer surface. Solid silicone prostheses have non-hygienic properties even in the event of an accident. This feature makes it feel tough when touched. Prostheses filled with serum physiological (saline) are more dilute and loose than the breast tissue. If a prosthesis filled with salt water is preferred, it would be appropriate to place the prosthesis behind the chest. In some studies it was found that 10% of the volumes of saline aqueous prostheses lost within 6 months of the operation. Shapes of Prostheses; The most commonly used prosthetic shapes are round ones. The chest has a very good shape, especially when placed under the muscles. The anatomical prosthesis is similar to a water drop, it shows its shape better when placed under the chest. If put under the muscles, they will lose their anatomical shape because of the oppression. Asymmetric prostheses have been on the agenda in recent years. Such prostheses are preferred to patients who have no chest or chest because of cancer.
It is best for the patient and the doctor to decide together in what way the prosthesis will be placed. Most commonly used and preferred areola (chest head) is made by making a half-moon-shaped incision. Usually the track is uncertain. The only problem is that the chest tip is large enough to allow the prosthesis to pass. The prosthesis can be inserted by entering through the natural folding line under the chest. A trace of 5 cm remains on the skin. Wound healing may become uncertain over time in patients with good disease. Prosthesis is inserted by entering under the armpit. With this technique, the prosthesis is only used if it is placed under the muscle. It's hard to see the surgical field. The prosthesis to be passed through should not be too big. There are two options for where to place the prosthesis; Behind the chest muscle behind the chest tissue or behind the chest. It is a good choice for covering the back of the muscle when it is deep and the chest tissue is inadequate. Often the advantage is that your chest is almost too small to be destroyed. In such cases, an ideal chest form is obtained by selecting a good prosthesis to be placed behind the muscles. In the prostheses placed behind the muscles, chest sagging due to gravity does not take place over time. Prostheses placed under the chest can sag just like big breasts due to gravity over time. For this reason, it is recommended that the prosthesis to be placed under the chest is not selected too large. When a prosthesis is placed behind the chest, a good image is obtained immediately after the operation. The good image on the prostheses placed behind the muscles is seen after muscle loosening, which is a few months to a year.                                                                                ALL OUR TRANSITIONAL MEDICAL AESTHETIC DOCTORS HAVE BEEN MADE BYBotox Fiyatları ile ilgili bilgiye ulaşmak için Lütfen  iletişime geçiniz>>

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